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Multimedia Communications Lab

In the future we will increasingly live and work in a networked world. Not only humans but also various devices/appliances as well as miniature systems embedded in our surroundings and our homes will communicate with each other.

At the Multimedia Communications Lab (KOM), we are involved in research and development which will contribute significantly toward our vision of a networked world with “seamless communication”. Under the term “seamless communication” we visualize that it will be possible to communicate and obtain needed information anywhere in the world without having to bother about and being restricted by constraints laid by the underlying communication mechanisms and systems.

The focus of our research and courses is on technologies which are necessary to realize the above vision. Our research thereby covers communication networks and Internet Technologies as well as Internet applications.

We look at new modes of communication ranging from Peer-to-Peer communication technologies to Ad Hoc networks, Sensor Networks, as well as the traditional Internet and wireless access networks. In seminars, projects seminars and lab exercises students have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge research questions. Our research thus encompasses the technologies needed to achieve our vision, the application areas which are opened by our vision, as well as fundamental evaluation methodologies which enable us to benchmark the results we obtain via our research.

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