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Real-Time Systems Lab

Nowadays, more than 90% of all fabricated electronic parts and processors are assembled to form embedded (real-time) systems. Today, up to 100 processors are used within a single automobile and a representative airplane features up to 500 processors. Trend: rising!

30% of a plane’s total costs are due to the development of embedded electronics and a fraction of 80% of this effort is spent solely on software development.

The Real-Time Systems Lab provides high-quality educational courses, which offer the participants a keen insight into the field of software engineering as well as means for developing complex embedded systems. The curriculum comprises of lectures and (hands-on) seminars teaching software engineering, quality management, software maintenance and evolution, design and construction of real-time systems, and also courses on teaching modern visual modeling and programming languages.

Up-to-date case studies and handling industrial-scale software development tools are also part of the teaching standards.

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